ON Semiconductor is driving energy efficient innovations, empowering customers to reduce global energy use. The company is a leading supplier of semiconductor-based solutions, offering a comprehensive portfolio of energy efficient power management, analog, sensors, logic, timing, connectivity, discrete, SoC and custom devices. The company's products help engineers solve their unique design challenges in automotive, communications, computing, consumer, industrial, medical, aerospace and defense applications.

ON Semiconductor operates a responsive, reliable, world-class supply chain and quality program, a robust compliance and ethics program, and a network of manufacturing facilities, sales offices and design centers in key markets throughout North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific regions.


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Featured Products

RSL10 Bluetooth® 5 SoC and SiP

  • A multi-protocol Bluetooth 5 certified radio system-on-chip (SoC)
  • Features a dual-core architecture and a 2.4GHz transceiver
  • Ultra-low-power wireless technology for IoT and wearables
  • Supports 1.1V-3.6V voltage supplies without requiring external DC/DC converter

Evaluation Boards and Kits

  • Over 300 variations in boards, kits and add-on boards
  • IoT and connectivity Plug and Test
  • Power Management Prototyping

Motion SPM® Modules

  • Integrate drive and protection circuitry in a single package
  • Provide efficient motor control for a wide range applications
  • IGBTs, FRFETs, HVICs, LVICs, peripherals - combined
  • Multiple power ratings, wide- breadth of packages

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