We Are RS Components

Maybe you already know us, or maybe you don’t.  Either way, we’re glad you’re here. We know that behind every great product is a great designer. For over 90 years, we’ve partnered with designers, engineers, and makers to bring their ideas to life. Working with world class manufacturers, we want to help you take your idea from concept to creation. 

We started in a garage in London providing same day delivery of components to engineers out of the back of vans.  We’re now a globally recognized leader for electronic components and service more than 1 million customers. Despite our size, we are still focused on the same thing as we were at the beginning:  helping designers create. This is why at RS you’ll find a wide range of products in easy to use design and prototype packaging so you can get exactly what you need and get back to what you’re passionate about.  You’ll also find information about products, trends, videos from our amazing partners, and more.


It’s not always about the product, but how the product goes together and whether it makes sense for the project. To help you keep up with trends, design faster, or connect with others, we offer DesignSpark. DesignSpark is an all in one site that provides design tools, expertise from suppliers and industry leaders, and a community where you can ask questions and see how others are solving their problems. Need 3d models? PCB footprints? Information on obsolescence? We have it all available in one place. It’s never about just selling you a product, it’s about making your life easier.

Trusted Partner

We’re ECIA authorized and partner with names you know and trust: Microchip, TE Connectivity, Vishay, On Semiconductor, Molex, and more. Our global presence allows us to bring you the newest products from partners all over the world so you can find exactly what you need to finish your design.