Mains and IEC Connectors and Accessories

The Mains and IEC Connectors and Accessories range from RS Components in extensive. You'll find IEC connectors, adaptors and filters as well as mains connectors, converters and test blocks. We also stock trailing sockets and a full selection of power distribution accessories from leading brands like Bulgin and Schurter.

Connectors are Superheroes!

The heart and soul of modern electronics is the semiconductor. It is hard to imagine almost any modern product without a semiconductor as its brain, from the smallest piece of consumer technology to the largest industrial machine. Indeed, the continued development has taken the consumer market by storm, with some of the most humble devices boasting computing power far in excess of the banks of computers that took man to the moon in the 1960s.


From the smallest board-mount header to the largest power plug, the world of connectors encompasses one of the most diverse product ranges of any industry.

USB-C – One Connector to Rule Them All

The connector industry is very mature. People have been making connectors long before semiconductors came onto the scene, and connectors have been part of every major development in the electronics industry. Unlike the younger technologies, it is rare that anything truly groundbreaking happens in the world of connectors.