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Movidius Neural Compute Stick

  • The Neural Network Compute Stick from Movidius™ allows Deep Neural Network development without the need for expensive, power-hungry supercomputer hardware
  • Movidius 600MHz Myriad-2-SoC with 12 x VLIW 128-bit vector processors
  • 2MB of 400Gbps transfer-rate on-chip memory
  • Supports FP16, FP32 and integer operations with 8-, 16- and 32-bit accuracy

Joule™ Compute Module

  • High-performing, thumb-sized system-on-module
  • Ideal for autonomous robotics and IoT applications requiring computer vision or edge intelligence
  • Enables rapid prototyping, yet is suitable for volume production.

RealSense SR300 Development Kit

  • Features SR300 webcam that integrates the SR300 depth camera and an audio subsystem
  • Short range, coded light imaging system to give depth information
  • Performs dynamic background segmentation, video streaming, 3D scanning, facial recognition and hand gesture control.

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