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Renesas Electronics is a global leader in microcontrollers, analog, power, and SoC products. Renesas provides comprehensive solutions for a broad range of automotive, industrial, home electronics, office automation and information communication technology applications that help shape a limitless future.

Our embedded solutions and analog mixed-signal products will help customers succeed in developing fast-growing applications in the industrial, infrastructure, and automotive segments. Our comprehensive portfolio will contribute to markets where high data-processing performance is crucial.

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Synergy S5D3 MCU your next IoT solution 

  • For applications that require high-performance Cortex M4F core at a very attractive price that does not require on-chip graphic acceleration or Ethernet connectivity
  • The S5D3 offers offers enhanced security, wide connectivity and is fully supported by the Synergy Software Package (SSP)

Renesas MCU's

  • Best and most powerful solutions
  • RL78 - ultra-low power and low pin
  • RX - High power efficiency, high capacity ROM
  • RZ - High performance, high capacity RAM

Discovering S5D3

The Synergy S5D3 Group offers performance of up to 120MHz using the ARM Cortex M4 core, flash variations of 512kB combined with large 256kB of RAM to suit demands by intensive software stacks utilisation. Watch Bernd Westhoff from Renesas review the device.

DC/DC Converters / Regulators / Power Modules

From digital multiphase to power microprocessors, including step-down, step-up, buck-boost devices with current ranges from 0.1A to 80A.

Battery Management Solutions

Battery front end and fuel gauge ICs designed to protect, monitor and balance rechargeable battery packs. Over/under voltage monitoring and FET control.


IC output and transistor output photocouplers including small and high voltage isolation packages offering high performance and functionality.

RS232, RS485, RS422 Interface ICs

Broadest portfolio in the industry offering high noise immunity and ultra low supply current. Up to 32 channels and 100Mbs in space-saving packages.

Visit DesignSpark to discover articles describing the full range of Renesas innovations. The latest content covers the TB-S5D3 target board, the AE-CLOUD2 Kit and a selection of reference designs.
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