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RS Pro 83pc Technician's Tool Kit

This RS PRO 83 Piece Technician’s Tool Kit is full of every tool you need as a professional technician/engineer. You’ll find pliers, screwdrivers, spanners, precision tools, hex keys, files, a soldering iron and more.

RS Pro 88pc 1/2in. Socket & VDE Tool Kit

This RS PRO 88 piece Electrician's tool kit, designed for professional engineers who work on or around electrically live circuits has VDE certified screwdrivers and pliers, individually tested for use up to 1000 V ac.

RS Pro 12" Hard Bottom Tool Bag

Designed for the safe transport of sensitive electronic equipment, tools and components, this heavy duty RS PRO tool bag is both comfortable and practical.

RS Pro 6 Drawer Cabinet With 213pc Tool Set

This 6 drawer RS PRO 213 Piece filled cabinet gives you all your key tools to get the job done. Inside you will find sockets, ratchet combination spanners, pliers, VDE and standard screwdrivers, files and more.

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RS PRO Seal of Approval


Since 1937, RS PRO has had a passion for industrial parts. More importantly, we believe that every part matters, because the quality of your applications will always be linked to the quality of every part going into them. This is why we rigorously test every part against demanding industry standards to gain the RS PRO Seal of Approval.


          In compliance with industry standards            


         For guaranteed quality and performance


          By leading engineers

About RS PRO


We rigorously test every part against demanding industry standards to gain the RS PRO seal of approval.very part against demanding industry standards to gain the RS PRO seal of approval.


We continuously expand our range to cover your every need.


We price our products competitively by negotiating the best conditions with our suppliers.


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Fixed Resistors, Resistor Accessories and Parts (2843)

Push Button Switches & Accessories (1578)

Power Transformers, 110v Transformers, PCB Transformers (539)

Sounder, Buzzer & Microphone Components, Minature Speakers (461)

Inductors, Design Kits, Leaded Inductors, EMI/RFI Components (396)

Variable Resistors, Potentionmeter, Rheostats & Thermistors (362)

PSU, Power Supplies, Power Supply Accessories, SMPS (297)

Pneumatic Tubing & Air Hose (260)

General Purpose Relays (208)

Hydraulic Tubing & Hose (196)

Ribbon & Flat Cable (165)

Toggle Switches & Accessories (165)

Microswitches & Accessories (163)

Rotary Switches & Accessories (106)

Rocker Switches & Accessories (97)

Solid State Relays & Accessories (94)

Foot Switches & Accessories (92)

Fluid Control Systems (86)

Electronics Heating & Cooling (81)

Touch Switches & Accessories (78)

Hydraulic Adaptors, Fittings & Couplings (77)

Wire to Board Cable Assemblies (53)

Control Relays (51)

Wireless Components & Modules (49)

Ferrite Core Design Kits, Sample Kits, Rings and Rods (45)

Passive Filters, Power Line Filters, SAW Filters, Signal Filters (37)

Slide Switches & Accessories (31)

Key Switches & Accessories (29)

Printed Circuit Boards - PCB, Motherboards, Eurocards, Matrix Boards (25)

PCB Board Cutting Tools, PCB Drill Bits, PCB Punching &Forming (25)

General Purpose Relay Accessories (19)

Circuit Protection & Circuit Breakers (19)

Discrete Semiconductors, Discrete Power Semiconductors (19)

Displays & Industrial Monitors (19)

Contactors (13)

Interface Relay Modules & Accessories (13)

Joystick Switches & Accessories (12)

IC Sockets, DIMM, SIMM, IC Socket Adapters RS Components (11)

PLCs, HMI & Data Acquisition (10)

DC-DC Converters, Isolated and Non-Isolated (10)

General Purpose Rectangular Connectors (10)

Reed Relays (9)

PCB Cleaning Tools and Equipment, Brushes, Scrub Blocks (9)

Surge Protection Devices and Components, Surge Suppressor Units (8)

Polishing & Finishing (6)

Modular Switches & Accessories (5)

Tactile Switches & Accessories (5)

Data Storage & Memory (5)

LED Lights, IR LEDs, LED Light Pipes, LED Accessories (4)

Fuse Holders (3)

Hydraulic Cylinders, Pumps & Power Units (3)

Hydraulic Instrumentation & Switches (3)

Semiconductor Development Kits, Analogue, Clock & Timer & Graphics (3)

PCB Spacers, Pillars & Supports, Hex Spacers, PCB Hardware Kits (3)

PCB Handling, Racks, Tongs, Card Guides (2)

PCB Etching Machines, Circuit Board Etching, Reflow Ovens (2)

Magnetic Connectors & Accessories (2)

DIP & SIP Switches (1)

EMI Shielding, RFI Shielding, Wurth, Elektonik, Laird Technologies (1)


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